Visit the Historical Society

Tours of DCHS and Historic Bethany may be arranged by appointment by emailing: [email protected]

The area is rich in the tradition of the Thomas and Alexander Campbell side of the Stone-Campbell movement – a nineteenth century restoration movement established on North American soil. Living heirs to this restoration movement are the Disciples of Christ, the Christian Church and Churches of Christ, and the Churches of Christ.

The Society’s archives contain books; journals; files of congregations, ministries, and worldwide missions; artifacts; and memorabilia from the three streams of the movement dating from thelate eighteenth century to the present. Visitors are welcome to explore all that the Bethany community has to offer. Researchers of Stone-Campbell studies are welcome to investigate historic originals to contemporary documents.

The Campbell Mansion

The Historical Society is located adjacent to Alexander Campbell’s study and mansion surrounded by rolling hills and pasture land. It is across the street from the Campbell cemetery and up the road from the Old Meetinghouse where the Campbells preached. A neighbor of the Society is the beautiful Bethany College which was founded by Alexander Campbell in 1840. It is renowned as the oldest college of the restoration movement still in existence and the oldest higher education institution in West Virginia – Many of the sites are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.